Chamsmobile introduces savings wallet that earns interest, income for Referral

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Chamsmobile introduces savings wallet that earns interest, income for Referral


News Focus

In its determination to elevate the financial landscape to unprecedented heights, ChamsMobile has introduced Kegow wallet as part of its innovative stride to make savings attractive and transaction payment convenient.

Kernel of the Story

– The  Managing Director, of Chamsmobile, Mr Kayode Akomolafe, stated that Kegow was a beacon of innovation, poised to redefine the way we engage with money.

– Chamsmobile has announced a suite of upcoming features that redefine the essence of digital wallet where every amount saved earns interest and contactless cards that will redefine the transaction lifestyle.

– Kegow is poised to elevate the financial landscape to unprecedented height as referral code and income opportunities await a promising future where financial experience knows no bounds.

– The Kegow debit card opens doors to a world of possibilities where every swipe guarantees efficiency and security.

Voice of Akomolafe 

” With our payment and contactless card, you enjoy streamlined transactions, effortlessly connecting digital and physical transactions with unmatched simplicity. Whether shopping online or delivery payments, the Kegow range of cards ensures a smooth payment experience. On every deposit, you can say goodbye to stagnant saving accounts and hello to dynamic growth with the Kegow saving wallet as you watch your savings flourish as they accrue interest. Alongside the savings account, you can also earn income through the referral code as it not only expands your network but you also enjoy the perks of being part of Kegow community.”

More Facts 

Akomolafe  further explained that the
launch of these features is coming when digital payment platforms are witnessing unprecedented growth, driven by shifting consumer preferences and accelerated digital adoption trends.

“With an increasing emphasis on fast, secure and reliable transactions, Kegow wallet aims to position itself as a frontrunner in the competitive landscape by continuously enhancing its product offerings and innovating to meet evolving user needs” he added.

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