Key drivers of Nigerian Capital Market in 2023- ASHON Boss

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Key drivers of Nigerian Capital Market in 2023- ASHON Boss

As investors begin to discuss the  implications of the upcoming Presidential Election in Nigeria  in February on investment decision, the Chairman, Association of Securities Dealing Houses of Nigeria (ASHON), Mr Sam Onukwue has identified some factors that will drive activities in the Nigerian financial market.

Specifically, Onukwue listed the issues as securities challenges, inflation rate, taxation of market instruments, especially, Capital Gain Tax (CGT), a disincentive to investors, government’s management of debt, funding of budget deficit, privatization of moribund parastatals, successful removal of fuel subsidy and general stability of monetary policy amongst others will determine the investment environment this year.

In his review of the market for last year, he noted that above 20 percent gain recorded by NGX was commendable. He added that the market would have earned higher but for the incessant review of the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR), rising inflation rate and inconsistent exchange rate that characterized investment activities in the review period.  He however expressed optimism that a more stable monetary policy environment will enhance investment opportunities .

” The financial market was unstable for the  larger part of 2022 as some fundamental decisions were taken by the government that impacted the market . Constant movement of the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR), forced investors to look for higher interest margin. The inflation galloped in the period and people were looking for real value. Exchange Rate also constituted a challenge as foreign portfolio investors abandoned the market while local investors dominated the market. On one hand , we can say local investors have are developing confidence in the  market but on the other, foreign investors left because they were losing money.

” Global implications of Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted economic activities. But the market didn’t do badly despite the challenges. The impending presidential election will have significant impacts in terms of investor expectations and uncertainties. However, given the good performances of many companies in the third quarter, they may perform better. We have seen a slight decline in inflation rate, for the first time  has 11 years . We hope this will be sustained.

” I believe that many people still want to do business with Nigeria. What they need is investor-friendly monetary policy environment. But the incoming administration should address issues such security,  inflation rate, debt servicing, removal of petroleum subsidy, management of exchange rate, privatization of parastatals such as NNPC and get it listed on a securities market rather than direct sale to core investors. We have seen a huge gap in this year’s budget and hope the Government shall leverage the capital market to fund budget deficit. “, says Onukwue .

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