Chams Launches “I’ M Alive Pensioner Identity Verification Mobile Solution

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Chams Launches “I’ M Alive Pensioner Identity Verification Mobile Solution

Chams PLC has announced the launch of its new innovative pensioner verification app, christened “I’m Alive”, which uses facial biometric technology to verify pensioners from the comfort of their homes.

The mobile app is designed to solve many identity verification challenges faced by Government agencies, private and Government pensioners, and pension administrators nationwide.

According to the Group Managing Director Chams Plc, Mr. Gavin Young, “Most private and Government pensioners are required to verify themselves periodically to qualify for the next batch of monthly pension payments. Many pensioners travel long distances from their villages and rural locations, over multiple days and often at great expense, to verify themselves at local Government offices or their nearest bank branches, which can be some distance away. This is no longer necessary with the new Chams “I’m Alive “ pensioner mobile app.

“ In our society, where the elderly are a treasured part of the family hierarchy and are respected members of their local communities, we need to ensure their safety, and particularly with such unique beneficial technology that allows for easy use, supported by Artificial Intelligence, to detect liveliness and pensioner authentication. At Chams, this is our way of contributing towards their continued longevity and improved quality of life”, said Young.

He further states that “Our I’m Alive “pensioner verification mobile solution is a perfect example of the kind of consumer digital solution we are focusing on at Chams. It combines the latest in innovation and technology with the ability to scale globally, whilst empowering Nigerians and improving the quality of life”.

Chams is currently looking for opportunities in both the private and public sectors to leverage this core technology for the masses. The first application is specifically geared towards pensioner and the company is working on several opportunities to implement the solution and its benefits into the private sector.

“We are looking to work with companies and public entities in Nigeria and Africa, to expand the application of this technology, particularly where non-obtrusive and convenient identity verification is required.”, said Young.

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