FITC urges Youths to acquire skills for economic development

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FITC urges Youths to acquire skills for economic development

The Managing Director, Financial Institution Training Center (FITC)
Chizor Malize, implores Nigerian youths to embrace adequate skills and
create a pool of well-engaged workforce to contribute to Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

She said during the launch of the Centre’s Future of Work Academy for Youths, Monday that Nigerian youths could strengthen the nation’s economy with the initiative to continuously bridge the knowledge gap in the country and Africa at large.

She noted that the skills would equip the youths for the peculiar needs of the future as it would solve the prevalent issue of producing university graduates with degrees and skills that have limited practical use in the current global job market.

“The world of work is changing rapidly, and competition for the right talent is fierce. Graduates’ talents have for decades been primarily identified and employed based on academic excellence.

However, in the emerging world of work, creativity, innovation, and work-ready skills have become the non-negotiable indicators for competitive advantage, and to evaluate capabilities.

“It is therefore important for youths to build critical skills, that will equip them for the requirements of future work in the ever-evolving business landscape. The value FITC FOWA is bringing to corporations at this time cannot be overemphasized. By equipping youths and creating a pool of well-engaged workforce for organizations, FITC FOWA will be directly strengthening the economy and the society in general”, she added.

Malize noted that the initiative offers essential courses in Data Science, Data Analytics, Coding, Digital Marketing, Graphics Designs, MS Excel and Analytics, Digital Marketing, Use of PowerPoint, and other key areas that have been strategically packaged to upskill undergraduates.”, she said.

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