Vitafoam delights Customers at Easter Fiesta 2022

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Vitafoam delights Customers  at Easter Fiesta 2022
L-R: Head, Business Development, Towncriers Limited, Ndanusa Amihere; Orthopedic Sleep Consultant and Trauma Surgeon, Dr Charles Uzodinma; Vitafoam’s Loyal Customer, Engineer Enejo Onaji; and Products Group Manager, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Moses Mogbolu, at Vitafoam Easter Fiesta 2022 tagged “ Enjoy Vital Comfort with Vitafoam ”, in Lagos, Nigeria at weekend 

In pursuit of its commitment to human wellbeing , Vitafoam  Nigeria Plc, Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of flexible, reconstituted and rigid foam products has hosted the Vitafoam Easter Fiesta 2022 to delight its customers, and champion good mental health and physical wellbeing for Nigerians.

Tagged “ Enjoy Vital Comfort with Vitafoam”, the largest foam manufacturing and distribution network in West Africa, held the event across its Comfort Centres in Lagos and its head office annex at Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja.

At the Vitafoam Easter Fiesta 2022, customers and the general public were given the opportunity to walk into any of the selected Comfort centres in Lagos to have a one-on-one free consultation with an Orthopedic Sleep Consultant, Dr Charles Uzodinma, who educated Nigerians on practical ways to improve quality sleep, the right choice of mattress and pillows, general physical wellbeing and healthy living.

According to Uzodinma, “we need quality sleep for sound mind and optimum productivity as various factors affect the quality of our sleep. The factors internal to our body include safe exercises, healthy feeding, adequate water intake, optimum blood volume, normal blood sugar level, low alcohol intake, no smoking, avoidance of drug abuse, and so on. Other factors outside the body include sleeping mattress and pillows, sleeping room condition, timing and duration of sleep, and so on.”

He stated further, “Vitafoam has made it possible, as a trailblazer in the foam manufacturing business for me, an Orthopedic Sleep Consultant and Trauma Surgeon to be available to take clients through these factors affecting quality sleep, especially the choice of right mattresses and pillows fit for individual’s weight, height and shape.”

Dr. Uzodinma said, “The appropriate mattresses and pillows ensure that they hug the body curves; maintaining the natural curves and normal straight alignments of neck and back bone; provide support in the neck, back, pelvis, hip and knee joints; and finally relieve pressures and provide comfort. He calls on Nigerians to make deliberate and conscious effort by utilizing the rare opportunity created by Vitafoam to have a free consultation with the sleep expert in choosing the right mattresses and pillows fit for everyone. This truly shows that Vitafoam is indeed a caring brand who is fully interested in the general wellbeing and healthy living of Nigerians.”

Corroborating him, Vitafoam’s Products Group Manager, Mr. Moses Mogbolu said, “Vitafoam as a true Nigerian brand is 100% committed to ensuring Nigerians achieve quality sleep, good mental health and physical wellbeing to be productive in all their endeavours. Hence, Vitafoam is devoted to producing quality and innovative products that will support quality sleep to enable Nigerians to achieve a great night’s rest, for a better world.”

“ In celebrating this year’s Easter, our focus is to delight our customers and encourage Nigerians to maintain healthy living. Hence our partnership with an Orthopedic Sleep Consultant and Trauma Surgeon to educate Nigerians. At our Comfort Centres, while adults were having  free consultation with the Orthopedic Sleep Consultant, children were having free face painting as part of the Easter Fiesta. Also, customers were given the opportunity of up to 80% discount on selected products at the Vitafoam Head Office Annex to mark the Vitafoam Easter Fiesta 2022. Vitafoam is truly the fine art of living.”


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