Vitafoam’s Subsidiary, Vitaparts introduces Oil Filters

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Vitafoam’s Subsidiary, Vitaparts introduces Oil Filters

A subsidiary of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Vitaparts Nigeria Limited has emerged  the first company in Nigeria to produce oil filters for automobiles.

Vitaparts currently produces two variants of oil-filters for automobiles: Spin-on Vitafilter and Cartridge Vitafilter.

The Company’s  Operations Manager, Eghosa Osadolor, explained that the innovative products were customized on the basis of the user’s engine.

According to him, Vitaparts is set to revolutionize the automobile industry with the manufacturing of oil filters for automobiles.

“ The vision which birthed the company stemmed from the need to offer tested and trusted oil filters and other automobile parts that will serve Nigerians and their automobiles. The oil filters are manufactured in different sizes and are produced based on the user’s car engine. The filters are readily available for purchase at the Vitaparts office, various mechanic workshops, and accredited dealers across the country.”, said Osadolor.

Over the years, Vitafoam has carved a niche for itself and transitioned from being just a manufacturer of flexible, reconstituted and rigid foam products to offering complete household furniture solutions to customers seeking comfort and reliability.

In demonstrating that innovative and forward-thinking attributes, the company has recently added to her numerous value-adding products in the automobile industry; the production of oil filters for automobiles.

“ The product provides the best performance for automobile engines, it is optimized for both synthetic and conventional engine oils and has a minimum oil change interval of 10,000km.  With state-of-the-art testing equipment, the filters have been confirmed to meet international standards.“, Osadolor said further.

Manufactured with quality materials, the oil filters are produced to effectively remove contaminants in engine oils, maintain the life of your engine and provide optimal engine performance that meets the needs of Mechanics, Spare part dealers, Importers, Car assembly plants, and service centres in Nigeria.

Vitaparts Nigeria Limited was floated by Vitafoam Nigeria PLC,  as part of the manufacturing company’s drive to expand its products range beyond rigid foams.

The Company’s  factory is located at 25/27 Oke-Aro Road, off Agbado Road, Oke-Aro, Ogun state, and the Corporate Head Office at 140, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos state.

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