Why BBC broadcasts Our Buy-Right Policy, by Vitafoam Boss

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Why BBC broadcasts Our Buy-Right Policy,       by Vitafoam Boss

Facts have emerged on why the television arm of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) covered the processes and procedures for manufacturing of rigid foams of Vitafaoam Nigeria PLC and aired it on local and international media station.

On September 16, 2021, a three-man team of journalists from BBC visited the plant of Vitafaoam following a prior request for covering the processes for manufacturing the company’s array of rigid foams designed for diverse customers, based on their weights.

As part of Vitafoam’s customer-centric policy, the company has introduced a concept called Buy Right, by producing ideal mattress fit for every customer, thereby eliminating mattress wear-out, body and joint pains.

Prompted by media enquiry, Vitafoam’s Group Managing Director, Taiwo Adeniyi, explained that Buy Right comes with innovation. According to him, the company’s products are determined by the needs of the customers.

“ We did not invite BBC’s team of journalists. It was not a paid advertisement but a voluntary editorial decision by the international media organisation. The media organization realized that our Buy Right , whereby customers undergo free test on weight and height in our comfort zones to discover the ideal foam for them, is a major solution to health challenges in the area of sleep. Many sleep experts have commended Vitafoam for this initiative.

“ Many customers have been relieved of body pain by undergoing the test before purchasing our foams. We are concerned about wellness of our customers. Aside from foams, all other products in our portfolio, including building materials are designed for healthy living.

“ When BBC Television requested for coverage of our processes, we obliged because Buy Right has become a global concept. Our technical staff took them round the entire plant, including show room and answered all their questions.

“ The news was broadcast on many television stations , including TVC (Television Continental), Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), another Private Station K24, and Star TV in Tanzania and translated to Yoruba and many other languages.
BBC places premium on research into topical developments that touch human lives. We are happy that our products were accorded such a global recognition.”, said Adeniyi.

Meanwhile, Vitafoam’s audited financial indicates a profit after tax of N4.38bn for the year ended September 30, 2021, compared to N3.46bn in 2020.

The manufacturer of foams and other household materials declared a dividend of N1.88bn for the year, an increase of 114 per cent over the previous year, according to a statement.

Adeniyi attributed the company’s impressive performance to its customer-centric policy. He noted that the company did not indulge in doing research for its sake but always develop a new product on the basis of customers’ needs.

He explained that contrary to the old perception that Vitafoam was all about rigid foams, the company had introduced many innovative household products into the market through its subsidiaries.

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