CIS upgrades Members’ Knowledge of marketing Financial Products, Services

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CIS upgrades Members’ Knowledge of marketing Financial Products, Services

Desirous to enhance its members’ ability to take advantage of digital operations, the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS), is set to hold capacity building on modern techniques of marketing financial products and services.

The virtual training, scheduled for Tuesday, September 21, 2021, is expected to expose the participants to interrogate brands in the media age, modern communication strategy, ideation and how to attract and retain investors across the board.

A statement signed  by the Institute’s President, Mr Olatunde Amolegbe,  indicates that the training, Themed “ Marketing Magic: The Art of Marketing in Digital Age”, will deploy  case studies.

According to the statement, the training is not limited to securities dealers alone but every individual that deals with products and services.“ The  capacity building is consistent with our  Members’  Continuing Professional Development (MCPD). Participation of our financial members is free. The course shall be recorded as part of their required points for MCPD

“ Managing customers is at the core  of every business. Market dynamics change  regularly. Every business organization requires patronage of its products and services. Our members should key into the techniques of marketing financial products and services in the digital age. They should be exposed to the fundamental roles of the media in digital marketing and  how to establish customer empathy.

“  They must understand new concepts to enable them develop new thinking in this regard. The capacity building shall be highly interactive and lazed with case studies.”,  the statement added.

The Institute has an array of capacity building for its members annually. This enables securities dealers and other capital market operators to interact with experts from various walks of life.  The training cuts across all operations in  the financial  market.









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