Why ASHON Set Up COVID-19 Committee, by Ejezie

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Why ASHON Set Up COVID-19 Committee, by Ejezie

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Association of Securities Dealing Houses in Nigeria (ASHON) Ms Ify Ejezie has described the formation of COVID-19 Committee by the Association as an evidence of corporate foresight.

Speaking with The Kernel, Ejezie who volunteered information on the  build up to the Committee’s formation explained that immediately after the outbreak of the pandemic, ASHON’s Governing Council took the decision as a strategic move to ensure to ensure uninterrupted operations of its members during post COVID-19.

“ Our Governing Council had series of virtual meetings via zoom Cloud meeting  network.  The Council in their meeting approved  the constitution of a Committee on Post COVID-19 with the following terms of reference, the impact of COVID-19 on the business of the Association and chart a way forward, develop a Business Continuity Plan and implementation guidelines as a policy going forward ,  liase with other Capital Market Stakeholders in a wider consultative forum to tackle the expected Post COVID-19 business disruptions and any other matters that may require the attention of the Council as a result of the effect  of the pandemic.“, said Ejezie

According to her, the   Committee has already submitted an initial draft of their assignment for review, saying a sneak peek of the recommendations reveal some departures from the way we do things such as to accommodate the new normal that the pandemic has created.

“ When the pandemic was  first gathering momentum, we in ASHON were open to the various pieces of advice from the authorities.  We imbibed  the principles of hygiene advocated in the work places,  social distancing,  wearing of face masks and reduction of all forms of physical contacts . 

“We also encouraged members to adhere  to the instructions of the  presidential task force  and NCDC’s directive on  handling the pandemic.  In line with the Federal government’s directives, we locked down the Secretariat and operated from home.”

Corroborating her, another ASHON’s member, noted that the Association’s Governing Council had directed the members to brace up in order to cope with the challenges of post COVID-19.

“ Every Dealing Member is encouraged to be proactive in channeling another course of operations methodology that will allow us to rise above the tide. ASHON has instructed members to upgrade their technology capabilities to accommodate the current business realities as this will enable them to trade anywhere outside the office “, the member said.

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