Academy collaborates Vitafoam on Covid-19 vaccination 

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Academy collaborates Vitafoam on Covid-19 vaccination 

The foremost independent scientific body, the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) has called on Nigerians to take Covid-19 vaccines and disregard negative information about the vaccines as spread in some quarters.

The Academy, in partnership with Nigeria‘s  leading manufacturer of rigid foam and other household equipment, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc Tuesday engaged the media on the myths about the vaccinations and  dispelled fears that the vaccine could lead to another diseases.

The media round table Themed “ ‘Journalism, Pandemic, and Vaccines: Where do we go from here’, featured scientists, real sector operators and health experts.

Chairman, Ministerial Expert Advisory Committee on Covid-19, Professor Oyewale Tomori, said it was advantageous for Nigerians to take the recommended two doses of Covid-19 vaccines in order not to avert the disease.

Tomori also linked the ongoing controversy on desirability of the vaccines emanated from lack of unity among the states and religious groups,, saying misinformation was another key factors.

Tomori cautioned Nigerians against further exposure to the virus, adding that one could  still get the virus after taking the vaccine if the risk exposure is less than two weeks after vaccination.

“The first dose does not give you required immunity. You need the second booster to help the first dose. And I used to tell people that the vaccine does not stop you from being exposed since exposure is external, while the vaccine is in the body.

“The epidemic is for all of us. But we are behaving as if it will not affect one and it will affect another one. The leadership at the top was not able to get a place to act together as one. Pandemic is a national issue and not a particular states’ matter; it affects all of us. We should act as one united nation in defence against the enemy because the enemy is against all of us.

“For every vaccine you get, the body takes in between 10 days to about 14 days (two weeks) before it develops the immunity. So, it is not the day you get the vaccines that you get immunity”, Tomori explained.

Corroborating him, the Commercial Director, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Mr. Sola Owoade, noted with the advent of the vaccine, Nigerians are faced with another battle of proper education of the public on the vaccine and demystifying various misconceptions around it.

At the initial stage of the pandemic across the world, Owoade noted there were lots of myths mixed with facts about the spread, symptoms and treatment of the virus which created fears in the hearts of many, leading to stigmatization in some societies.

However, consistent education of the public by providing the correct information on the virus, the spread and its treatment has helped diminish the fear and this has ensured effective management of the virus especially in the developed countries.

“ As frontline workers, we must recognize the risks that journalists face in their essential services; Newsrooms across the country have made pandemic coverage a priority while Journalists to continue to debunk misinformation by providing lifesaving coverage.

“They can achieve this by using verified data to ensure accuracy of facts. Government should also place journalists on the priority list in the areas of incentives for all categories of frontline workers in this uncertain and frightening period of human existence.

“ With the introduction of the vaccine, there are so many questions that have been left unanswered thereby breeding doubts about the vaccine. We believe that thorough research and investigative journalism, people’s perception about the COVID-19 vaccine would be shaped through proper education”, Owoade said.

Earlier, the Chairman, NAS, Professor Ekanem Braide said NAS was bringing to the attention of the government and its agencies,  problems of national interest that science and technology can help to solve in the country.

Speaking on the consequence of not taking the second dose of Covd-19 Vaccine, the Executive Secretary, the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS), Dr. Oladoyin said one must take a second dose of the vaccine as the second dose would amplify the possible effects of taking it.

“ The second dose will boost your body system and give you higher immunity that would be sustained for a longer period. That is why you should take the second  dose of Covid-19 vaccines” he said.


  L-R: Commercial Director, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Mr. Sola Owoade; President, Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS), Prof. Ekanem Braide; Executive Secretary, NAS, Dr. Oladoyin Odubanjo and Chairman, Ministerial Expert Advisory Committee on Covid-19, Prof. Oyewale Tomori, during Media Roundtable on Journalism, Pandemic, and Vaccines held in Lagos.

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