OPC’s new leader, Afolabi unveils plans to tackle  insecurity

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OPC’s new leader, Afolabi unveils plans to tackle  insecurity

The newly-elected President of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Mr. Wasiu Afolabi, Thursday, said that the OPC will collaborate with other security agencies to tackle the insecurity challenges facing the South-West.

He said this after his emergence as leader of the group at its National Convention held at Century Hotel in Lagos.

Afolabi would lead the group after the death of its founder, Dr. Frederick Fasehun.

Unveiling his plans Afolabi said that OPC is ready to work with all state and non-state agencies to ensure that Nigerians can sleep with their two eyes closed, travel without fear, raise their families with hope and carry on their businesses without danger.

He explained that the Congress shall cooperate with the Nigerian police and other security agencies to make the entire Yoruba environment safe for living and livelihood.

“The job of securing the environment does not belong to the police and security agents alone. It is for every patriotic and law-abiding citizen. And in this regard, OPC is ready to work with vigilante groups, patriotic persons, and Amotekun. However, let me sound a note of warning to our members that they must not break the law in order to arrest lawbreakers. No OPC member should take the laws into his hands extra-judicially.

“We shall encourage every delegate to return home and encourage all members to cooperate with our newly-elected leaders. This is the only way we can maintain the legacy of our great Founder and President, Dr. Frederick Fasehun. I want to assure you that we shall not fail. We shall not disappoint our millions of members throughout Nigeria and abroad.

“By the grace of the Almighty God, together we shall direct the ship of this organisation towards the Promised Land. Let me make the following pledges: Under our watch, OPC shall stand for the welfare and well-being of OPC members everywhere. Under our watch, OPC shall be rebranded into a group of disciplined and prosperous members; under our watch, OPC shall fulfill its mandate to fight for the protection of Yoruba interest, Yoruba land and Yoruba people.

“Under our watch OPC shall continue to fight for the enforcement of social justice in Nigeria to ensure that this country becomes a land where no man is oppressed. “I use this opportunity to encourage all OPC members who may have left the organisation for one reason or the other to come back home. We hold no grudge against anybody. “We are for peace and unity. Our gates are open for all Yoruba sons and daughters. There is a role for everybody to play. “Let us come together to take this organisation to the great heights that its Founding Father had the vision to take it to”, Afolabi said.

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