Sanwo-Olu to Invite Millennium Estate’s Leaders over Rally

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There are strong indications that the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu may invite the Leadership of Millennium Citi Community Development Association (CDA) any moment from now  to get firsthand brief on the media reports over invasion of the Community by Oyedele Ashamu’s family, one of the families in plethora of  legal tussle over the ownership of the Estate land.

The Community Residents had on Tuesday, staged a peaceful rally, following sudden invasion of the elitist Estate by touts, led by a notorious land grabber, one Mr Mutairu Owoeye, who has been strangely  appointed a sub-Agent by Ashamu’s Solicitors, Messrs Bolanle Bamgbose and Co,  to harass the Residents and usurp the functions of the Estate Security Agents.

Following media reports of the Residents’ petition to Governor Sanwo-Olu and coverage of the rally by both print and electronic media, one of the top media aides to the Governor, last night, put a call through  to Arise Television and requested for a contact of one of the Community Leaders.

“ I received a phone call just now from Alausa. The call was made by one of  the senior media aides to the Governor, requesting for a phone number of one of the Community Leaders at Millennium Citi Estate. I immediately called one of the Residents who volunteered the Chairman’s phone number. I am sure that media reports on the rally in the Estate have attracted  the Governor’s attention. He doesn’t miss our news. The Governor will likely seek an audience with the Community Leadership for a firsthand brief on the ongoing tension in the Area. Every Chief Executive of a State is conscious of security of lives and properties.´The source told The Kernel last night.

The Estate’s Chairman, Mr Soji Adeniji had Tuesday addressed a Press Conference during the rally and called  on Governor Sanwo-Olu to restrict from the Estate,  the different families engaged in litigation over the ownership of the Community land, pending the legal resolution. Adeniji also in a statement jointly signed by the Estate’s General Secretary, Pharmacist Kingsley Okeke, urged the government to evict the Owoeye’s touts who have permanently domiciled in the Estate, tormenting the innocent Residents.

“ Our Estate was invaded by several unidentified touts on behalf of the Oyedele Ashamu family’s faction on Saturday, 31st July 2021 through uniformed and armed Policemen and notorious Land Speculator, one Alhaji Mutairu Owoeye, newly retained by the Ashamu’s family for this purpose. Owoeye’s goons are permanently domiciled in a makeshift structure in our Estate, extorting money from motorists. They have stopped all on-going construction works in the Estate. They also enter houses forcefully on the claims that they are confirming land documents.

“ We had faced several harassments over the years and the current one is the peak of impunity whereby touts have been domiciled in our Estate for over two weeks, making life uncomfortable for our Residents. We had, through the efforts of the Residents, improved the Estate appreciably, and in collaboration with the different tiers of government, and as active CDAs, constructed and maintained our roads, drainages, streetlights, perimeter fencing and regularly clear the adjoining canals. This has enhanced the standard of living and increased the value of properties within the Estate tremendously.

“ We are dismayed to inform you that our Estate had been illegally and forcefully invaded, despite our tangible Security Apparatus, at different times in the past by Omo Oniles, and touts from the Ashamu, Atunrase , Anthonio Da Miranda and Alashe families, respectively, all of which are embroiled in  feuds over the ownership of the expanse of land.

“ We appeal to Governor Sanwo-Olu to stop further incursion, invasion, and occupation of our Estate by the family of late Emmanuel Oyedele Ashamu, pending the lawful determination of the existing Actions in the Law Courts. Your Excellency should kindly ensure immediate eviction of those who have been illegally domiciled in our Estate in the last two weeks, terrorizing our people and usurping the functions of our Security Agents.”, says the Statement.










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