Gender Equality Key to Sustainable Future – SEC DG

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Gender Equality Key to Sustainable Future – SEC DG

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has re-affirmed the essence gender equality as a pathway towards sustainable future despite the global challenges of the twenty-first century including, climate change and environmental and disaster risk reduction.

The Commission’s Director General, Mr. Lamido Yuguda stated this during the celebration of International Women’s Day with the theme ‘Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’ by the Commission in Abuja Tuesday.

According to Yuguda, “This year’s IWD observance is in recognition and celebration of the women and girls who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation and response, and to honour their leadership and contribution towards a sustainable future.

“IWD is not country, group or organization specific. It is also a day that people around the world have dedicated to celebrate the importance and significance of the women in their lives and we, at the SEC is not left out since we all have women who play various roles in our lives.

“I would therefore like to thank all the women seated here in this Hall, and those in the zonal offices too. Today we celebrate women, today we celebrate this group of formidable, strong and invincible beautiful women with fierce and robust spirit, which makes them excel in their respective areas. They deserve all the love and support that the world gives them on this day. The contribution of women in every sphere of life is massive. They contribute to the lives of their family members as well as the country.

The SEC Boss also thanked female members of staff of the Commission for their contributions in different ways to the success of SEC and the Capital Market as a whole and wished them happiness, health, success and prosperity in the years ahead.

In a presentation, Dr Theresa Uzendu of the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada, urged women to take care of their health by engaging in activities that aid stress reduction.

She identified the sources of stress at work to include amount of work and deadlines, relationships with others, office politics as well as ongoing change.

“The sources of stress on the life outside work for women include relationships, marriage, children, Financial issues as well as too many commitments.

“Women have to take measures to reduce stress like deep breath, listen to music, take a class or read. They need to learn positive thinking and practise relaxation” Uzendu added.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated every year on March 8. It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It is an occasion to celebrate the progress made towards achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment but also to critically reflect on those accomplishments and strive for a greater momentum towards gender equality worldwide. It is a day to recognize the extraordinary acts of women and to stand together, as a united force, to advance gender equality around the world.

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